My Place, My Palace

Alexandra Barth, Aglaé Bassens, Max Karnig, Kate Wallace

F2T Gallery

Via Statuto 13, https://www.f2tgallery.com/

Tue – Sat 11am to 7pm


JUN 06, 2024 – JUL 27, 2024

Recent history remarked us the simple yet foundamental privilege of the place that we call home. The recent pandemic forced us to bring our awarness from frenetic lifes back to our place and we suddenly embellished it like a very personal nest – bringing back attention on the intimate space we live in. 

Indeed, a simple place can become a personal palace. It is the love, the care, the story telling of the objects that we collect in our daily life that transform an empty space into our own special palace. On the contrary, a sumptuous mansion can be just an anonymous architecture if life is missing.

Interestingly, through centuries of art history, artists never forgot to celebrate the beauty of simple still lifes – representing daily objects as noble subjects. Many artists then in recent history depicted their own studios or rooms as more interesting worlds instead of majestic spaces.

In this current group show, the invited artists explore the topic of domesticity both putting their lens on domestic objects or personal spaces with a special meaning related to their own lifes.