2020 Configurations of the banal in a dramatic lighting

Barth is interested in the aesthetic aspect of the human endeavor, in the systematic arrangement of space – the private architecture of utility objects. She draws from her own photographs (which she does not arrange) or found photos from real estate advertisements.
Unlike her previous work, in which AB reduced reality to the simplest possible forms, she now obsessively and precisely focuses on light and small details defining materials or part of the structure (which she often approached very arbitrarily).
The use of airbrushing makes it possible to work with the impression of „photographic reality“. The artistic means are however used in a misleading way when compared to the displayed reality. This creates a certain material and light illusion, similar to film scenery. The compositional division of the image is inspired by advertising photography and film camera, which emphasizes the dramatic quality of the scene.
The visuality of these paintings is close to that of digital renderings or artificial reality of computer games, which in turn strengthens the tension between familiarity of the subject and the alienation of its artistic execution.